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Where a development consent, complying development certificate or construction certificate was required for the erection of the building and no such consent or certificate was obtained, the fee to be applied is the total sum of each of the relevant building certificate fee, development application fee, complying development certificate fee, and construction certificate fee.

Other Building Approvals & Certificates

Application and Inspection Fees for Plumbing & Drainage


Sewerage Annual & User Charges

Liquid Trade Waste - Annual Charges

Liquid Trade Waste - Usage Charges

Liquid Trade Waste - Excess Mass Charges

Sewer Trade Waste

Septic Waste


Waste Annual Charges

Waste Annual Charges


Business Recycling

Bin Purchases Commercial

Recycled Products Available for Sale

Second Hand Items

Business Waste Collection – Mudgee & Gulgong

Waste Removal Service

For customers with Waste Disposal debtor accounts, invoices will be issued monthly, and a minimum charge of $15 applies unless there are no transactions during that month

Waste Disposal – Mudgee, Gulgong & Kandos


All asbestos must be wrapped in accordance with asbestos disposal guidelines and Council requirements. Specific requirements exist for unloading. Contact Council for information.

Animal Waste Disposal

Commercial Waste Disposal – Mudgee Waste Depot

Commercial Waste Disposal – Gulgong Waste Transfer Station and Kandos Waste Depot

Residential Green Waste

Recyclable Items


Charges may apply for handling clean fill above 100t/day

Event Bins


Council accepts tyres at the Mudgee Waste Depot, Gulgong Waste Transfer Station and Kandos Waste Depot from Residential customers only. No commercial business tyre disposal permitted.

Waste Disposal - Waste Transfer Station