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Council now subsidises fuel and gas costs.


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Pest Treatments

Council Room / Facility Hire

· Half Day Rate (up to 4 hours) charged at 50% of Daily Rate
· If available, tables are included in room hire rate.
· Catering is not included in room hire rates.
· Discounts on standard rates may be available to eligible community organisations upon submission and approval of a community grant.
· Cleaning will be charged extra if the premises not left as found.

Postage Services

Leasing / Trust Land

Legal Charges



Legal Services (other than Leasing and Licensing)

Signing/Endorsement Services

Advisory Committee Services

Bin Treatment


All centres and listed services are CCS eligible.




· Hirer must provide credit card details prior to hire, or otherwise provide a bond of $2,000 to cover for damage of vehicles/equipment.
· Wet Hire only (dry hire not available), customer pays for fuel + GST and is subject to TSIRC insurance, hire terms and conditions at time of hire.
· Minimum 3 hours hire: including 1 hour for mobilisation to and from site, plus time on site.






Online/Digital Services

Photocopying & Printing


Differential General Rates

Council does not levy differential general rates by virtue of section 172(1)(a) of the Local Government Regulation 2012.

Utility Charges

Section 94(1)(b) of the Local Government Act 2009 provides the power for Council to levy utility charges. Utility charges are service charges relating to the provision of water, sewerage and waste management services. For avoidance of doubt, utility charges are not levied on vacant land. The service charges for water, sewerage and waste as detailed below are differentiated having regard to whether they fall under the service charge category of either residential, mixed-use or commercial. Those terms are further defined in the following table:

Service Charge Description Category

Residential – Land that is occupied and used only for residential purposes (excluding residential land the subject of a 40 year lease to the State Government).
Mixed-use: Mixed-Use rate is for all rateable land that is used, in part, for residential purposes and used, in part, for commercial/industrial purposes, including, but not limited to: guest houses, motels, home-run businesses and tourist facilities. This category includes residential properties that:
a) are owned by council where the tenant is running a business from home;
b) are owned by the occupant – either as a private property, a Katter Lease or home ownership where the owner/lessee is operating a business.
Commercial – Land used for commercial / industrial purposes, including but not limited to:
· guest houses, hotels, motels
· shops, tourist facilities, arts and cultural activities
· land used by government or utility providers (telecommunications, electricity) to aid in the delivery of commercial and/or government services i.e. education, health, customs etc.
· all other land not categorised as residential or mixed-use
· Churches are exempt from utility charges
There are no other exemptions from utility charges

Water Charges

All properties receiving water from a reticulated Council supplied water scheme shall be levied the following charges:
· a Water Service/Access Charge per property to be levied annually;
· a Volumetric Water Charge per property to be levied annually.




Sewerage Charges

All properties receiving sewerage services from a Council supplied network shall be levied a Sewerage Service/Access Charge to be levied annually.




Waste Management Charges

All properties receiving waste management services from Council shall be levied a Waste Management Service Charge per property to be levied annually as set out below.






Section 119 of the Local Government Regulation 2012 enables Council to grant concessions for Service Charges. Whether Council elects to grant a concession in respect of an application for a concession for Service Charges will be at Council's discretion and an application may be made to Council on one or more of the following grounds:
  • Community Sporting Organisations – Not for profit organisations only


  • Community Cultural or Arts Organisations – Not for profit organisations only


  • Charitable Organisations which are:


  1. Not for profit organisations; and
  2. Registered as a charity institution or a public benevolent institution; and
  3. Providing benefits directly to the community; and
  4. Endorsed by the Australian Tax Office - Charity Tax Concession.
  • The land is owned or occupied by a pensioner


  • The payment of the charges will cause hardship to the land owner or occupier
  • The concession will, in Council's opinion, encourage the economic development of all or part of the local government area.
To be considered for a Service Charge concession, eligible individuals/organisations are required to submit a letter to Council detailing the individual's/organisation’s eligibility to be considered for a concession and the grounds for requesting a concession.
Concessions will be at the discretion of Council and granted by way of Council resolution upon satisfaction of the individual's/organisation's eligibility.


Development Assessment - General Fee Information

Waiver of Development Application Charges – The CEO or Manager may determine to partially or wholly waive a Development Application Fee where strict Application of the scheduled fee is considered unreasonable for the type of Application being received.
Combined Applications – The application shall be accompanied by a fee that is the combined total of all applicable fees.
Undefined Use – Where an Application involves a use that is not defined in the applicable planning scheme or is not specifically provided for in the Schedule of Fees, the fee will be set as the use deemed most similar by the CEO or Manager.
Self Assessable – There is no fee for self assessable development.
Consultant Costs – The cost of external consultant's fees for any further assessment or advice required by Council in consideration of any application or submission and/or technical report may be charged to the Applicant. The Applicant will be notified of Council's intent to refer the Applicant to a consultant following receipt of a response to Information Request (or earlier). If Council elects to recover the cost of the consultant, the consultant's costs must be paid prior to the final determination of the Application.

Environmentally Relevant Activity

Development Applications

Development Assessment – Material Change of Use

Development Assessment – Reconfiguration of a Lot (Preliminary Approval and Development Permits)

Development Assessment – Operational Works

Antenna Masts

These fees are applicable as "one off" charges.

Food Business License

Animal Registration


Airport Landing Fees

Charges apply to airport usages and are expressed as $/tonne. The normal charge is determined by multiplying the certified maximum take-off weight of an aircraft by the charge rate.
Avdata Australia engaged to collect charges on behalf of Council.

Subsidised Helicopter Passenger Service

Private or personal travel only for residents in communities of Ugar and Dauan.
Note: Conditions apply – please contact your local Council office for more information.


Prescribed Activity Permit


Harbour Dues

Harbour Dues at the following rates are payable in respect of all goods discharged at or shipped from or transhipped.

All Cargo

Tonnage Dues

Payable in respect of vessels for each period of 24 hours or part thereof that a ship occupies a wharf or barge ramp under the control of the Torres Strait Island Regional Council.
Should a ship use more than one such wharf or facility within a 24 hour period a separate charge for each wharf or facility will apply.
Default Maritime Fees: Failure of permit holders to submit compliant maritime fees self-reporting may result in a Default Maritime Fee being applied. Please refer to your permit and related correspondence for details.



Right to Information


Waste Management

Sewage Pump Outs

Applicable where Council service is available.
Pump out fee for septic tanks (fee for each attendance)

Sewage Disposal

Applicable where Council service is available.
Liquid waste dumping fee – for disposal of waste into Council's sewage trenches and/or Council's treatment plants.



Accommodation is charged at a flat room/bed rate for singles or double based on bedding configuration. Payments must be made in advance, and "no-shows" will be charged at full rate.
Local First Nations community are people of Torres Strait Islander or Aboriginal descent, who identify as such, are accepted by the community as such, and who reside in the TSIRC Local Government Area. Discounted rates for Local First Nations community are for individuals visiting for personal, non-commercial reasons only.

Self-Contained Accommodation

Boigu – Motel (Lot 114)

Iama – Council Office Flat (Lot 20)

Kubin – Motel (Lot 41)

Mabuiag – Motel (Lot 16)

Warraber – Resort (Lot 201)

Shared Facilities Accommodation

Boigu – Highset Yellow House (Lot 113)

Boigu – Lowset Contractor Camp (Lot 116)

Boigu – Lowset Donga (Lot 117)

Boigu – Lowset House (Lot 95)

Dauan – Guesthouse (Lot 50A)

Erub – Guesthouse (Five Star/Ocean View Lot 161)

Erub – Sunrise Lodge (Windsock Dongas) (Lot 38)

Erub - Trades Cottage (Lot 22)

Iama – Kodakal Guesthouse (Cnr of Mosby St & Kebisu St)

Iama - Mabuiag Point Accommodation

Iama - Sundown Lodge Guesthouse

Kubin – Contractor Dongas (Lot 42)

Mabuiag - Caravans

Poruma - Council House

Poruma – Sawadgee Accommodation (Lot 216)

Saibai - Contractor Accommodation

Saibai – Council House 1 (Lot 23)

Saibai – Council House 2 (Lot 24)

Saibai – Council House 3 (Lot 307)

Saibai – Council House 4 (Lot 308)

Saibai – Council Donga (Lot 122)

Saibai – Guesthouse (Lot 23)

Sabai – Guesthouse (School Road, Lot 315)

Ugar – Guesthouse (Lot 45)

Ugar – Council Unit (Lot 56A)

Ugar - Council Unit (Lot 56B)

Ugar – Council Unit (Lot 56C)

Warraber – Guesthouse (Lot 21)

Warraber - Airport Accommodation

Short-Term Rental

· Minimum 3 months, Maximum 12 months stay.
· GST may be applicable and is determined on a case by case basis.
· All short term rentals are liable for gas, electricity, tv, repairs and any other running costs.
· Cleaning will be charged at the end if the premises are not vacated clean and tidy.

Whole Accommodation Unit – incurs GST