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Tenterfield Shire Council


Council Office



Bushfire Mapping

Map Creation & Printing

One Black and White Map either A4 or A3 of an entire assessment or Lot and DP will be provided free of charge to owners.

Other Charges

Business Papers




Approvals expire on 30 June annually.  Exemptions for Street Vending are outlined in Council Policy with No Charge.  
Compliance Certificates for swimming pools are valid for three (3) years only.  
If Council concludes that specialist advice is required, then costs will be recovered from the applicant.

Signs and Sandwich Boards

Approval expires 30 June annually

Mobile Vendor

Approvals expire 30 June annually. Single events are for one occasion only.  This form of approval excludes food sales.


Assorted Depot Charges



Lawn Cemetery

Includes land for each grave.  Second Interment allowed where permissible by NSW Health Regulations.

Tenterfield Lawn & Monumental Cemetery

Penalty Rates apply where work is conducted by Council staff over a weekend or public holiday.  Fee includes land for each grave.  Second Interment is allowed where permissible by NSW Health Regulations.

Tenterfield Memorial RoseGarden

Reservation fees are non-redeemable.  Reception and installation of ashes fee does NOT include plaque.  Plaque must be approved to meet Council specifications.

Village Cemeteries

All Cemeteries Lawn & Monumental

Niche and Reservation fees are non-redeemable.  Reception and installation of ashes fee does NOT include plaque.  Plaque must be approved to meet Council specifications.  Right of Burial reservations are non-redeemable.  A shallow burial must be approved by the Department of Public Health.

Veteran Affairs Plaque

Private Cemetery

Certificates & Searches

Urgency Fee is an additional charge to the Certificate application where the Certificate is required within 24 hours.

603 Certificate

Section 10.7 Certificates

735A Certificate

121ZP Certificate

Other Applications

Community Land

Companion Animals

Development Approval

Building Certificate

Refer to the EPA Act and Regulation, Clause 260 (3a) and (3b) for further information on additional fees when the building has been completed wihin the past 24 months.

Compliance/Inspection Certificate

Compliance Certificate

Outside 20km Radius of Tenterfield

Complying Development

Construction Certificate

Development Application

Modification of Consent

Section 68 Plumbing & Drainage

On Site Sewerage Management

Relocatable Dwelling

Development Miscellaneous


The consent authority must refund so much of the fee paid under this clause as is not spent in giving the notices.  Furthermore, the maximum amount payable where two advertising fees are applicable, is the sum of those two fees.

Neighbour Notification

Certified Copy of Document

Concurrence Authority

Residential Flat Development

Private Certifiers

Designated Development

If an application is designated development, this fee is payable in addition to the standard Development Application fee.

Integrated Development

Review of Original Consent

Withdrawal of Application

Prior to Assessment commencing

After assessment has commenced

Other Fees & Charges

Developer Contributions - Section 64

Developer Contributions - Planning - Section 7.11 & 7.12

s7.11 New Rural Lot Subdivision - within the RU1 Zone identified on the LEP Rural Residential Subdivision Maps

s7.11 New Rural Lot Subdivision - in the RU1 Zone

s7.11 New Urban Residential Subdivision

Rural (Non Residential Development)

Residential Medium Density

Commercial/Industrial Development

s7.12 Residential/Commercial/Industrial Development

Applies to new multi-residential developments (not applicable to a single dwelling on a vacant lot), new commerical developments, and new industrial developments.


The contribution shall be calculated from the below, using the estimated cost of the development.

s7.11 Mining or Major Industries

Drainage Diagram

Filming Policy

Food Premises

Change of Use


Government Information Public Access






Parks and Sporting Grounds

Council's preferred payment method is by EFTPOS. Refunds are payable by EFTPOS (if paid by card) or cheque.


There will be no concessions granted for, the waiving of, nor a reduction in Council’s set fees and charges as Council already provides a low fee for the hire and use of parks and sporting grounds.

Jubilee Park & Skate Park

Rotary Park

Federation Park

Shirley Park

Parks in General

Marquee Charges

Rates and Property

Regulatory Fees

Roads and Road Reserves

Public Gate Application

 The fee for a new public gate and bypass application includes advertising, public consultation and Council approval.

Road and Footpath Restoration

Temporary Street Closure

Temporary Street closures exclude school and charity events, and ANZAC Day.

Traffic Management Plan

Vehicular Access Application (Driveways)

Fee includes inspections and advertising where applicable

Works in Road Reserve

Kerb & Gutter

Stormwater Drainage Works

Other Road Fees

Rural Addressing

Permanent Public Road Closure/Opening Application

The fee for a road closure/opening application includes advertising, referencing, public consultation and Council approval.


Private Works Charges

  • No dry hire of any plant or equipment.
  • Minimum charge of 1 hour applies to all plant, with increments of 1/2 hour.
  • Rates are inclusive of operator wages for normal time.
  • Activities undertaken outside normal working hours, including on RDOs, will attract a surcharge to cover the applicable overtime wage rate including any allowances.
  • If additional staff are required, the relevant staff charges will apply.
  • Works estimated to take longer than 8 hours or which require more than one plant item must have an estimate of cost prepared and approved by the appropriate Council officer prior to work commencing.
  • All transport costs are to be met by the hirer, including floatage to and from site and use of utes to return home. This cost will be established prior to commencement of hire.
  • Council makes no guarantee as to the availability for hire of any plant or items listed below.
  • Council reserves the right not to make any item available for hire and to place restrictions and conditions on the hire of plant or other items.
  • The cost of repair of any damage incurred to plant outside the control of the operator and/or normal wear and tear, will be charged to the hirer.
  • Standby rates will be 70% of the comprehensive hire rate for major plant items.
  • Please note that all charges for items of plant and equipment do not include the cost of materials.  Materials will be charged separately at the rates indicated/quoted.

Plant Hire Charges


Reinforced Concrete Pipes - Subject to Availability

Driveway Sealing


Maintenance of Private Blocks

Mowing for Bush Fire Protection

Noxious Weed Eradication

Abandoned Vehicle Impoundment

Sewer Network

Annual Availability Charge - Residential

Annual Charges - Non-residential

Trade Waste (Sewer) Charges

Usage Charge

Stormwater Drainage


Swimming Pool - valid until 17 September 2024

Swimming Pool - valid from 18 September 2024

Telecommunication Carrier Charges

Theatre and Museum Fees

Cinema Fees

Museum Fees

Public Address System

Daily Hire

Hourly Hire

Venue Hire

Council Chambers/Committee Rooms


Memorial Hall

Memorial Hall & RSL Pavilion

There will be no concessions granted for, the waiving of, nor a reduction in Council’s set fees and charges as Council already provides a low fee for the hire and use of the Memorial Hall and RSL Pavilion.
Tenterfield Playgroup has a special hire rate as per resolution CM 1337/09 of 25 November 2009. The fee set for Tenterfield Playgroup is not to be increased by CPI.  It can only be changed by Council resolution.

All Halls

Museum Complex

School of Arts Complex

School of Arts Venue Services Administration Fees

Visitors Information Centre

Meeting Room

Not for Profit - Community
Commercial Use


Waste Management

Wheelie Bins

Recycling Collection Charges

Annual Facility Charge

Bulk Bins

Transfer Station Fees

Vehicles > 4 tonne carrying capacity either based upon rated capacity or weigh bridge ticket are to be deposited to Boonoo Boonoo Landfill by prior arrangement.  Please call Council's Administration Building on 6736 6000 to arrange appointment and 48 hours notice must be given.  This is applicable to both General Waste and Construction/Demolition Materials.

General & Green Waste

If waste is contained in garbage bags or bins on a small box trailer, then small box trailer fees apply.

Construction, Demolition, Renovation Materials




White Goods

White Goods refers to Refrigerators/Freezers/Air Conditioners or the like.  Ozone Protection Regulations 1997 - items containing destroying gases.


Asbestos Disposal

All asbestos > 1 cubic metre must be disposed at the Boonoo Boonoo Landfill.  Asbestos must be sealed as per WorkCover requirements.  Loads not meeting WorkCover requirements will be rejected.  Disposal to Boonoo Boonoo Landfill is by appointment only.  48 Hours notice must be given.
Asbestos removal kit allows for disposal of 1m2 asbestos at the Tenterfield Waste Transfer Station.

Other Transfer Station Fees

Disposal of carcasses of either dogs/goats/sheep or horses/cattle are by arrangement to Boonoo Boonoo landfill only.

Recycling Fees

Council does not accept waste/recycables from outside Council's Local Government Boundary. Tenterfield Waste Transfer Station requires recyclables to be separated at recycle area.

Water Network

Service Availability Charge

Consumption Charges

In the 2023/24 billing year there will be a minimum water consumption account charge of $25.00 for each of the six (6) monthly billing periods.